Givers Gain

Be willing to give first before you expect to gain.
Like the farmer who must plant seeds before
crops will grow, you must invest first. This is
often difficult to follow if you grew up in a
transactional culture; however, giving
unconditionally yields the best results
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Building Relationships

No one is successful by themselves. Becoming
good at developing relationships, creating a support
network and always growing your business network
is the key to success in business and in life

Lifelong Learning

Your value grows as you develop your
knowledge and skills. Our world is in a constant
state of change. Unless you are learning, you
are falling behind. Create a curriculum based on
the person you want to become and follow that
curriculum to get yourself there.
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Traditions + Innovation

Traditions are your foundation while innovations are
your opportunities. Always keep your feet firmly
planted with your traditions while you reach to the sky
to create innovation. This keeps you from losing your
place in the world while you continue to strive to create
a better life for others and yourself

Positive Attitude

A habit of finding the good in everything that
happens to you propels your life beyond
setbacks. Those who see the best in
situations, others and themselves magnetically
attract people, opportunities, and wealth
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The only way to build trust is to make promises and
keep them. Rather than expecting others to believe
and accept your word, demonstrate who you are by
accepting leadership roles, following through on your
promises and being the one that follows through, even
when it appears no one is looking.


Tell the people around you that you appreciate what
they’ve accomplished for you, themselves and the
organisation. Recognition is the fuel that builds
organisations and societies. The person who masters
the art of recognition attracts a strong network
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